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Clay G. Stephens
Founder and Principal

In addition to managing the day to day operations at Sharprock Corp., C.G. directs Northwaters & Langskib Wilderness Programs during the summer.  With 35 years of experience in outdoor education, organizational development, management and sales C.G.'s leadership continues to be paramount to our success. 

Jodi L. Browning

Jodi has been working with Sharprock Corp since its founding in 2000.  During the summer, she trains staff and directs programming at Northwaters Wilderness Programs in Temagami, ON.  Her off-season work includes organizational development, graphic design, and marketing. 

Jennifer C. Zahorchak

Jen has been working with Sharorock Corp. and its clients since 2010.  Her expertise are in data management, customer relations, and marketing.   She works year round for Sharprock, managing all aspects of program enrollment and parent relations for Northwaters & Langskib.

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